Fuel Consumption error

I think I found a bug that the instantaneous fuel consumption (and L/hr) malfunctions (stays zero) when I turned on the datalogging and when the Realdash connects after engine start (opening the app while engine running)

Please give more information about your setup. Connection type, OS, etc.

OBD2 connection with ELM327. Device is Android phone

I have experienced similar issue on my BMW test vehicle with OBD2 connection. Sometimes the MAF/MAP data is just not sent by ECU, but restarting RealDash starts receiving the data.

Per my investigation, sometimes vehicle just reports ‘NO DATA’ for those values. After RealDash receives NO DATA 4 times, the PID request is removed from the rotation in order for it not to slow down other requests.

Why this happens, is still a bit of a mystery. Will investigate.

Well that’s interesting about the ID30.

Can you also fix the said issue when starting datalogging?

I can try if I full understand what you mean. Could you try to be extra specific of the steps to reproduce the problem and describing what the problem is. Now I do not know if the problem you are experiencing is with incoming data from vehicle, or invalid data going into the data log, or something else.

Have a text value with instant fuel consumption as input value. While engine is running, turn on the datalog and it will turn suddenly to zero value. Its just like engine running without consuming fuel. Hope this helps