Honda Civic RS 1.5 Turbo - 2023 11th Gen

@realdashdev i hace made some more changes to ECT and IAT, B - 40 works but i am not getting the same tenps as Torque (which i assume is more accurate.
I think it has to B1 or B2, not sure which is the first one. Tried B1-40 for both but the temps are varying somewhat relevant. I think i should try B2 -40 to see if its consistent. Any idea which is the first byte b1 or b2? As my engine give 2 readings IAT 1 and 2 and ECT1 and 2.

Apart from this that day i got low fuel notification in realdash but still the fuel level is not shown, any suggestions on that?

I will upload the new XML of ECT and IAT are fixed by changing the B value.

By default RealDash uses calculated fuel level. You can reset the calculated fuel level from quick settings. Open the top menu and press the gear icon on lower right corner of the screen to access the quick settings.