1.73 button short press and long press

If you trigger the button from a digital input it dont works if you have set “the action delay” .
But if the “action delay” is set to 0 it works.


Ok, I will take a look.

Edit: This seem to be by design. If you set the Initial Action Delay to something else than 0, you need to hold the button for specified amount of time to activate button action. As ‘Press Button’ trigger has no concept of holding the button down the button action will not fire thru trigger when button has delay set.

As I could override the Initial Action Delay when activated by trigger, it would render the setting useless.

If you need both, consider adding a invisible button that has no Initial Action Delay to be pressed by the trigger. But of course in this situation you could just trigger the action directly form the trigger itself.


so a trigger only sends a “pulse”?, there is no way to make it static or respond simultaneously on its input ? I m trying to do a multifunction button on my steering wheel to Make a long press for reset trip and short press to do mode select.


I will investigate how this could be achieved.