17.4 beta

Logging removal works, the serial port works about the same, FTDI still does not work right but I really think this may be in FTDI setup may be, on windows if you check FTDI cables, in device manager it has setting that effect on it perform and how often it may create usb interrupt to read, and if that setting is set to 16 msec, it does the same in windows becomes very choppy. so may be check there and see if there are any init setting for this device.

For now I have at least one device that works great. so I am Ok, I have to see how I can help you to fix this and if there is even a fix.


Seems like my fix had no effect on the problem you have had. But at least it did not go backwards, the CAN frame parsing should be much more stable now in case of corrupted incoming stream.

I have not found any option in Android USB-serial drivers to adjust the setting that is available in Windows serial port settings.