400 on Mac M1 when trying to login

Getting a 400 Bad Request when trying to login to realdash from an M1 Mac. This is probably not a bug as the app wasn’t designed to connect from an Mac Book, but given you can install ios apps on an M1 Mac since they run on ARM, wasn’t sure how much effort it would be to make the call work. The app would then work on mac books with an m1 without having to modify the app (well maybe you do still).

We have had some reports of intermittent 400 errors from MRD, so it could be a problem in server side. Will investigate.

Could you go to Settings->User->My RealDash and check what it reads on device name?

It doesn’t show up there as a device. I was never able to login due to the 400 coming back.

In RealDash app, go into ‘Settings->User->My RealDash’ and see what reads in ‘Device Name’ edit box.

Ah, right :smiley: You have to be logged in to see the computer name.

Reason I’m asking is that if computer name contains some special characters it may cause login to fail.

We did add some logging into production server, please try it again couple of times so we can see what is causing this issue.

Sorry just saw this, I’ll login again when I get back in front of my computer

Ok, just hit it a few times, should be able to correlate the time with around the same time as this post.

anymore updates on this by any chance?

Unfortunately we were not able to catch this into the logs. Will add more logging into production server to find this out.

Can you dig out your MAC computer name? I suspect that the computer name may have some special characters in it that causes the login message malform.

my Mac computer name is ‘thanos’ so I don’t think it’s that…

it returns exactly ‘thanos’ for all of these values on Mac OS terminal…

sudo scutil --get ComputerName
sudo scutil --get LocalHostName
sudo scutil --get HostName

all 4 of those return ‘thanos’

Ok, it must be something else. Will continue investigating that.