720RD Dash Modification


I was wondering if on the 720 dash I could delete that rotating 3D object that actually holds the dash gauges. For my setup it is taking up a large volume of space that I would love to zoom the gauges to and add addition gauges. Love to have a black background for just the front screen.


Unfortunately its not possible to delete the 3D frame in 720RD. Its hard coded into the dash itself. I will take a look if we can publish an alternative version of 720RD without the frame. No promises though.

That would be fantastic! I saw there was another post about it as well. If anything a lite version would be great, that had just the front page. It’s a fantastic design.

720RD (no frame) version of this dash should be available from gallery now.

Oh I don’t know how I missed this! Thank you so much! Thanks for the great support :+1: