8:3 aspect ratio

Add 8: 3 aspect ratio (ex.: 1920 x 720) in SETTINGS>APPLICATION>EDITING to ultrawide panels.

It would be great! Since most do not use tablets! Most use ultra-wide panels. I join the request.

Actually its not true. 99.74% of RealDash users use phone or tablet. You who hang around here in this forum are quite a special bunch with very special projects and requests.

But sure, I will take a look at this.

:blush: :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you so much for your efforts! So this is a great honor for us - to be in 0.3% of those special users of the world’s coolest application.
You guys are actually doing very very cool things! Thanks a lot!

And yet - agree with me! We (0.3%) help to develop the application more than 97.7 others))) :nerd_face:
Sincerely, Yuri!

I use Screen Shift to resize the screen.

Yes. But what are the consequences after saving. You know?

This feature will be in RealDash 1.6.4

It stays the way it was saved.

This is not true!
I know How spoils screen shift! Although there are tricks …: mrgreen:

Where is the aspect ratio setting on the android hidden? Take a screenshot!

Only available on Win10. Android and iOS always use fullscreen.

I have android installed on a notebook and the hdmi output on an Ultrawide screen.
Screen Shift worked cool, I was able to tailor the screen to fit the realdash without distortion.
But on my android phone I could not work something related to Root appears.

And there is. After all, to change dpi, you need ROOT access (Superuser rights)