95 WRX Homemande Digital/Analog Dash

I’ve been working on this project for a couple of years now. Finally finishing it up. As you can see with the alternate view I’m driving in MPH, but my odometer is in KM. I bought this car in Japan drove it for a few years there and brought it to the US. I’ve been logging using KM’s and will keep it that way.
Just a few more little things left (isn’t there always :laughing: )

Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspian booting straight to Realdash.
Waveshare 7.9" touchscreen.
RS485 CAN Hat.
2 Timer Relays. To be installed.
-One timer relay set at 5s to trigger the shutdown button (constant ground to pin 40).
-One timer relay set to 1 minute to allow sufficient shutdown.
-Note: Relays are triggered by ACC and powered all the time.
Alternate screen setup.
Backside view


Looks really nice, good job!

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You real RealDasher!

i test too Rasberry - but get ploblem:

big current in waiting mode
there is no guarantee of operation at subzero temperatures
and final - recomended not use HDMI LVDS converter - only direct plug to the display


I’m also going to install a screen in on a classic WRX with LinkECU G4X. Anything I should know before starting the project?

Go to my github.

It has all the scripts and my current display template.