A/C Temperature Always Displayed in Celsius

I’m configuring RealDash to control my car’s A/C unit. I’ve configured the CAN XML file to set the units to Fahrenheit (units=“F”) but RealDash converts these values to Celsius when displaying them. I’ve selected “Fahrenheit” as my temperature units in the settings. I do show an outside temperature value which is displayed in Fahrenheit.

What complicates this is that I would like to display my engine temperatures in Celsius. Is there a way to fix the display of temperature units so they are either consistent or can be selected for each one?

RealDash handles everything internally in metric system, including temp values as celsius. The conversions happen only during gauge displays. For that reason its important to specify units=“F” always if incoming data is in Fahrenheit. Then RealDash can respect the user settings in Settings->Units and Values.

If you want to show something always on Fahrenheit, do not specify any units on XML. Then RealDash does not apply any conversions to the value.

At the moment I’ve set the units in the XML file to Celsius so they’re just passed through.

This didn’t work. Setting the units to “F” in the XML file and the units to Fahrenheit in the user settings still displays the A/C temps in Celsius.

This A/C temp is a custom value in your XML? Please show the XML line that defines this value.

Yes, it’s defined in my XML file. I’m using the existing target ID’s for A/C temperatures in zone 1 and zone 2.

<!-- Temperature Zone 1 -->
<value name="Climate Driver Temperature"
  targetId="175" offset="2" length="1" units="F"></value>
<!-- Temperature Zone 2 -->
<value name="Climate Passenger Temperature"
  targetId="312" offset="3" length="1" units="F"></value>

Ok, I found a problem that custom named inputs are not handled as temperature values internally. Will fix to next release.

Awesome, thank you!