Ability to draw a graph

My application for RD might be a bit different to most, I’m using it for home automation and energy monitoring and I’m slowly building more and more into it.
I use an STM32 to interface with my solar inverters and grid meter, and this connects to an old phone via RS232 (RealDashCAN) with RD running and then multicast to my phone.

So my phone is where I want to view everything and show the running history for the day, but RD is only ever turned on briefly. A Graph Gauge is great for the time RD is running, showing the most recent history, but it obviously stops when the app is closed.

I stuck a bunch of narrow Indicator Bars together which gives me energy used each hour for the last 24hrs, but it looks pretty terrible -

I have my phone sending App Uptime back to the STM32 so I can see when it’s connected, so what I’d like to be able to do is draw the graphs when RD connects since the STM32 logs the data 24/7.

Without asking for a whole new component, I though the Axis Gauge could do the job with a tweak. If the functionality of the History Tail could be extended a bit so that we could specify the number of samples of the tail, and each point was connected by a line then I could draw my graphs by sending the XY of each point, say a few hundred points should give a pretty good graph and only take a few seconds to draw. Or you could just have permanent tail but a method to clear it, say via an action?

If there’s another way I could display this type of data, let me know.

This makes me thinking of utilizing the Datalog Viewer components somehow. As I understand, the history data needs to be loaded from someplace, so using datalogs and Datalog Viewer would be a logical choise?

I did look at the data logging to see if I could use that in some way, and yes if I could have a component that drew a line from a CSV file that could work. But how do I update the file each time I detect RD is connected to my system via the RS232 (CAN) connection and have that transfer via multicast?

To my opinion, updating the datalog file is outside of RealDash, it would just show the info from selected log file.

Just to clarify, I’m thinking about making a ‘Datalog Gauge’ that would display a graph from selected datalog file.

It is the more generic and useful feature, if you add it I’ll certainly try and use it.

Just perhaps also include a method to transfer the file via CAN and multi cast!
I saw another request for album art images to transfer, so perhaps this could use the same mechanism.