Achna Speedway Addition

Hello and sorry for send this request again, but i just figured out that this is the best way to address this request.

Please include Achna Speedway on the track list

Details can be found below:’35.5%22N+33%C2%B047’58.2%22E/@35.0259284,33.7995376,680m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m14!1m7!3m6!1s0x14dfcd558a68f307:0x3bf3a2b7146023a7!2sAchna+Speedway,+Dasaki+Achnas,+Cyprus!3b1!8m2!3d35.02513!4d33.7999517!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.0265371!4d33.7995122

S/F Line: 35°01’35.5"N 33°47’58.2" E

Azimuth : 110.96° (Direction South-East)

Yes, sorry. We are way behind on answering emails.

This track will be in next release (1.9.5). Just missed the beta1 though.

Thank you so much for your reply.
Do you know when this release will be ?

Hopefully in next few days. Depends on how well the Beta release performs.

Hello again,

I have tried the laptimer and seems that the GPS was paired to my phone, and laptimer was logging correctly GPS location etc.

The realdash though didnt detect the Achna Speedway track hence all functionalities associated were not available.

Used Ecumaster EMU and Racelogic Vbox Sport, both via bluetooh

Sorry to hear it did not work :frowning: Just double checked and Achna is on track list. Don’t really know what could be wrong.

Is the laptimer a premium feauture ? I wanted to get realdash to work in achna and then upgrade to premium to be honest.

Also is Racelogic vbox Sport GPS supported by realdash ?

No, it should work just fine on free version. Never tried though.

I will test this track on the simulator, just to make sure.

Awesome mate,

Please let me know when you do.

Also i might turn on my internal GPS next time i am out there to make eliminate any gps module/connection or communication issues.

I did some simulated tests and Achna speedway seems to work just fine. Naturally I can’t (easily) go there and test by myself, but feeding GPS coordinates from there do activate the lap timer as expected.

Hello mate, thanks for taking care of these and spending time to test it. I am attaching coordinated of my logged data, to check if the coordinates match the ones i have provided but also fall within your boundaries/limits.

35° 1.595259N
33° 47.968711E
Heading 101.93°

hey mate, any updates regarding my last message about this matter from your side ?
Also is there any signal that I can check the GPS location to ensure that the GPS used ( Racelogic Vbox Sport ) is compatible and communicating correctly with RealDash ?

I can’t find anything wrong with the track detection system. To verify that RealDash has correct location, try a dashboard with a map gauge.

Will do that and let you know soon. Thanks !