It is necessary to create a setting so that the RealDash application can start automatically after the initial boot of the Android system.
You can make this a separate item in the settings menu. Thank!

I think this, and your post about actions to control the device, are better handled by other programs already made for this, which allows you to do all sorts of things based on any settings you would like.

I use tasker for this on my android. There are many others also though.

This is what I do:
On Startup: Launch Dash, Launch MP3 player, Launch Tire Pressure Monitor, etc.
On Stop Charging: Turn off Screen after xx seconds (if you root the device, you can have it shutdown)
On Start Charging: Turn on Screen (you can have it turn on automatically if you modify the charging script on the device)

. Tell us more about the script.
I have a problem with the charging condition.
In fact, I don’t have a charge, since I use a single-board computer and it is powered from the car’s network through a stabilizer without a battery.
But what’s wrong with Tasker, because it spends several seconds from the moment the application is launched … I would like to go directly without intermediaries … After all, any application can receive a message about the completion of the device’s download, right?