Action to show/hide gauge

I’d like to have an action I can use to show or hide a gauge. Show or hide can either be a toggle (like freeze gauge), or setting the alpha/transparency.

This could be useful for allowing the user to toggle between different gauges in the same location without needing to create a new page.

Android Version 1.6.2 Beta

You can do that already with RealDash but it requires custom animations. Check examples here:

Very cool. I didn’t know about this, so it’ll be fun to mess with.

Separate action just to show/hide gauge could be handy though. I will check this for next release.

what does these do? how does one get these number? looks very time consuming, is there a magic to it?


I agree! Explain why these numbers?

All these are explained in here:

See also the example animation XML for detailed comments.