Adaptronic Modular ECUs

Hi all,

I’ve got an adaptronic M6000 modular ecu running in my car. I’d like to use realdash on my android headunit to monitor temps etc.

I’ve purchased a CAN-USB Adapter, and enabled the ECU to output via CAN.
Now, I know realdash doesn’t directly support Adaptronic, but if it’s outputting via CAN, is there any way to get this to work?

Adaptronic have released the full config for the ecu outputs below.

Is it as simple as editing an XML file, uploading it to the unit and then directing Racedash to reference it?

I can write the XML for you if you test it for me, ok?

I wrote two XML files for Adaptronic based on on the spec you linked. Files are now in RealDash-extras project in GitHub:

RealDash-extras/Channel_description_files/RealDash CAN/Adaptronic/adaptronic_can_full.xml
Full spec XML file (almost a thousand values!)

RealDash-extras/Channel_description_files/RealDash CAN/Adaptronic/adaptronic_can_simple.xml
Simplified version that discards the CAN frames that are not commonly used.

Thank you so much!

I’ll test them both in the morning and let you know if they work.

All working spot on. Thanks for your help!

You are welcome. If you are active on Adaptronic forums/community, please let other users know.

Hi guys. Sorry to on your conversation.
I have gone about connecting Realdash to my Modular ECU in a slightly different way. I’m using an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter by patching in the can hi and can low pins into an obd2 cable which then plugs into my OBD2 OBDlink LX Bluetooth dongle. I have an Adaptronic Modular RX7 series 8 plug and play ECU and I have set the CAN output of the ECU into 500kb/sec RX8 emulation mode just to get things started. It seems to work OK for now but what I’d like to do is to swap to the native Adaptronic mode (at 1Mb/s)
I noticed that you have recently added the custom channel description files for Adaptronic onto on Github. I have downloaded them and tried to upload the XML file to Realdash… but whenever I try, i receive the message;

“Failed to parse channel description file”

Any assistance you could render would be greatly appreciated.

I will even consider swapping to a USB-Can adapter if I continue to struggle with the bluetooth option.
I don’t suppose you know of a good CAN-USB adapter that works well with android?

Thanks for your help.

John Cousins

The RealDash CAN protocol XML files are not compatible with OBD2 connection which has different format. To customize OBD2 connection, see this:

Hey Guys,

I have an Adaptronic Emod011 modular ECU and plan on running RealDash on my android based stereo. Would the XML file shared earlier work for me as well?

Also, is a CAN-USB my only option for connectivity?

Thanks in advance.

I believe using one of the supported CAN adapters is only option to connect to your ECU. See supported adapters:

I do not know if current ‘built-in’ Adaptronic XML files will work with your ECU, but I believe its possible to either modify your ECU CAN output to match those files, or you may need to create your own XML file.