Add EasyCap Support

Good time Jani. I ask you to add to RealDash the Usb support of an external video capture card for using a standard car rear view camera. -6e87-4de9-aca9-6cd54740f87e & ws_ab_test = searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_5, searchweb201603_55

If necessary, I can order this device from China for you.

it would be great

Yes, USB cameras for Android is on my todo list already.

Any update on where USB support for cameras is today? I’ve seen some mention of people using, but it’s not clear - I’ve not been able to get anything other than internal cameras to work, I have tried several logitech/UVC devices. It’s also not clear how they would manifest- ie which would be front and which back camera?

Still on todo list, sorry :frowning: