Adjusting thresholds, warning values etc

Just setting up “Back from the DED” for my vehicle.

Requires changing warning / critical and min / max on a lot of gauges, indicators etc.

Would be great if there were a more global way to do these things as it’s fiddly going into so many settings screens and making sure everything is set in the same way. Admittedly its more of an issue on dash like this one.


Could you list here what would be the good default warning and critical levels input? Like specify what you needed to change on DED.

I didn’t change everything yet, hoping for a solution :slight_smile:

For example, Engine Oil Temp. Warning and Critical values here depend on a number of factors (climate, oil used, engine type, engine characteristics, usage of the car) etc.

For my normal daily dash

Engine Oil Temp Max Value 130 c
Warning 110c
Critical 120c

These values are currently set per gauge which is great for flexibility, but maybe there could be an option to set them globally.

Then whenever “Engine Oil Temp” is the input, the range and warning values can follow the global setting, in all dashes and gauges where that input is used.

Same is true for all my other gauges, the warning, critical values are what I’m personally comfortable with, and i would want those applied accross all dashes and gauges i use.