AEM 22 channel CAN sensor

Does anyone have any experience with using an AEM 22 channel CAN sensor module? More importanly does anyone have an XML file for it?
You can find the specs on the CAN here.
Page 13

Seems quite straight forward. I can make a XML for this and add it to GitHub extras.

Try these:

Thanks, Now I just have to get it to communicate with the USC CAN reader.
I have a PEAK USB reader that will see the CAN data but will not work with Realdash.
I bought the USB CAN that will connect to RealDash but it won’t communicate with the AEM. It times out

Is it a Seeedstudio USB adapter? Check the adapter baud rate settings per these instructions:

I did a reset on the USB and got it reading the data from the AEM using the reader software. I set it up in Realdash but don’t see anything in the monitor. When I bring up the dash with the fuel gauge my computer gets the BSOD

  • I got it. I deleted the connection in RealDash and re-added it and now I see the data. Now I just need to figure out how to get the gauge to read the Hex values.

ideal answer