I need an xml for Aem Infinity ecu
i am usint this app to EMU and Meagasquirt and it is very nice
i would like to use it and on my daily car that has Aem infinity ecu

I don’t know if AEM has published the CAN frame info. If this info is public, link it to me and I will take a look if I can make the XML for it.

AEMnet is public if this is what you mean:

Have you check this?
can you make aemnet xml?
or can you help me with some info or a manual for making the xml to use it with aemnet canbus?
i want to conect with this via obd adapter. i have already obd port on the ecu with can high and can low conected directly from aem infinity for this reason.

Kindly regards
Stefanos Sarmatzis

I’m working on these:

Still needs to be tested, w/o starting the engine, so far IAT, Coolant seems to be working.
Everything is in US units, I’ll make SI versions later too.