Aem infinty not working on real dash

hi i need some help with aem infinty ecu not working i connect using obdlink mx
i follow all the steps but no luck i have read on the fourm about Composite frame
i think aem ecu using same so xml file on github will not work on can monitor i see
only 1 frame but when using peck can to usb i can see 12 frame how do i write
Composite frame on xml


To my knowledge, AEM Infinity ECU does not use composite ID:s, but instead of CAN IDs of range 0x01F0A000 to 0x01F0A021.

This could be something that can be configured to ECU, but I have no AEM Infinity to test on.

hi thanks for replay i am not sure what is going on i had ecu working on simulator and it
stream can frame using peck can adapter i can monitor all in coming frame from ecu and even i had aem racing dash everything works fine but with the realdash nothing move i had other ecu emtron i connect to real dash every thing works fine
but i done some changes to xml file you need
to change the endianess to small to work. as for the aem infinty on can monitor i get
this 0000001:f0 a0 00 ff ff ff ff ff

Do you have extended CAN ID:s enabled on connection settings?

yes extended CAN ID:s enabled and the iso 11898 and speed 500/k

That is odd, as it seems like the CAN ID is interleaved into the data bytes. Have you experimented with other ISO protocol settings?

yes i tried both iso 11898 and 15765

Do you have an option to test another CAN adapter, like Seeedstudio or MeatPi?

no i dont have it i got peck to usb can adapter and it is not list on the real dash softwear

but now i did some change to the xml file from github and some thing workd like rpm
but the only i dont get all the data