All text gauge values with time units - hrs to hour:min

For time values it will be good to calculate them to hour relation, so 9.9hrs means 9:54. Can it be done?

So far app is great!

Could you give an example of such inputs?

all runtimes: trip A/B, engine runtime, app runtime

Do you need a timer?

rather driving time meter from the start of the engine and total engine runtime in hour units xx:xx than in seconds, besides engine runtime doesn’t have ID so I can’t make math on it

Engine runtime target ID is 33.

Try these undocumented tags on gauge Look’n Feel->Special and a lonely edit box at the bottom of parameters view:


Thanks! was wondering what for this field is… any other tricks that can be done by this field?

[FORMAT=HH:MM] working perfect!

can You modify value like this? i.e. 123 to be like 1 23 ? tried with excel style “0_000” but its not working