Allow RealDash to wake up your device!


We all strive for less power consumption for the rest modes of the device when we are not using it.

When I minimize( not closed) RD, Android exits always-on screen mode (in RealDash settings) and the device turns off the display at a set interval that we set in Android settings! Let’s say the screen goes out after 15 seconds.
And so, when I want to bring RealDash back to the foreground, the screen doesn’t turn on until I touch the mouse or keyboard …
Maybe you can teach RealDash to simulate mouse movement or in some other way, like wake up the screen when returning to the foreground when the screen is off?

It is possible to add something like a command handler for certain events, such as: “KEYCODE_WAKEUP” if the app returned

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Yes it was, very relaxing. I will take a look if there is an API in Android to wake up the screen.

Thank you!

I found something on this topic, maybe it might be useful:

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Here is some more useful information.

The version 1.8.3 (Android) attempts to power up the screen every time onResume is called on Activity.

OK thanks! I’ll test it!

It works great! Thanks!


Why i didn’t see the shutdown page before the display went off?

Also, do you keep the android board ON all the time?


Greetings! This is such a trick! The android board turns off behind the scenes, after when all the work is done and I do not disturb the car for a while! This way you can save energy and get back to work very quickly!

Good job bro.

Very Smart

dopee, can you share how you did that?