Amazon Fire tablet full version purchase

I have an Amazon Fire 8 tablet. I side-loaded the Google Play store and downloaded RealDash. When I try to purchase the full version of RealDash I get an error and the Play store doesn’t launch. Is this an issue with Amazon refusing to launch the Play store for a purchase? Is there an alternative method to get the full license?

Subscribe to my.realdash and login to the account in realdash.

I don’t do subscriptions - how do I do a one-time purchase?

Play Store is notorious of updating itself to be incompatible with sideloading. Unfortunately I don’t know how to help you on that. If you do not want to buy subscription, you have to find another Android device that has native Play Store support.

Real Dash is a bargain by any measure, you would do well to subscribe.

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I agree :). I think any car hobbyist can confirm that $2 per month is nothing compared to how much we spend on our cars.