Android 12 Importing CAN file

Hey guys,

Diving into RealDash for the first time.
I have Android 12 device with the latest version of RealDash.

Am trying to import a Custom Channel Description File being a CAN file for a Motec ECU and I keep getting the error message: “No Apps can perform this action”.

Upon searching, I found some threads relating to this and stated a external file manager app was required to allow this action.
I have installed three other external file managers without any success.

Any suggestions? I have the XML file currently on a USB external drive connected to the Android 12 device.


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We have had good success with Amaze file manager, have you tried that?

I haven’t tried Amaze, i’ll give that a go.


Long term update.

Installed Amaze File Manager, this now works, thanks for that!

The issue I now get is when uploading a custom XML from either Amaze or Google Drive, I get the error: "Failed to parse channel description file ‘xxxxx.xml’

Any insight into this one?


That error message is shown if there is an error in XML file and it can’t be parsed. Open your XML file in a good source code editor, like VS Code as it will highlight any syntax problems on the XML file.

Ok will do, thanks again.

what motec ecu are you running? care to share the xml?