Android Animation File Loading

I named the file Triumph_amin.xml, and placed it in the same location as the Triumph.rd file, and it wasn’t loading. I’ve tried reloading the Triumph.rd, loading a different rd file then reloading, putting the xml in different locations, and still wasn’t able to get it to load the animation file. Android doesn’t seem to have a method to force an import, like the Windows version does.

To get around this, I had to install the Windows version, load up the rd, and import the xml file. Then save, copy back to the Android, and completely redo all the positions of everything because the Windows version moved everything to fit in the lesser aspect ratio width.

In doing this, one thing I did find confusing is that I wasn’t able to see anywhere that the animation file is actually loaded. It would be nice to be able to see the triggers to make sure everything did load, even if it doesn’t allow me to make changes to it. Maybe even allow us to see/use the animations as actions from the main program.

Overall, I like the system though.

v1.6.2 Android

Animation triggers and action are hidden on purpose as it is easier that way to differentiate animation triggers and actions from dashboard triggers and actions.

Android should load animation XML automatically, please double check that they are in the same folder with the RD file and they are named correctly: Triumph_amin.xml → Triumph_anim.xml

Both my really simple test (gauge and 1 button), and my live were named _anim. I just typo’d it here.

Also, just a very minor nit-picky thing that 99% of the people wouldn’t notice, but please fix your file extensions on (it says RealDash_animation_example.xml and RealDash_animation_example_anim.rd)

Typos in GitHub readme fixed.