Android App Overlay mode for Maps and Video

Enabling Realdash to overlay Android apps would be very useful. TomTom use this method to overlay data from their Speed Camera app over Google maps, and other apps.
I’ve attached an image showing TomTom data running over Realdash.

This has been requested couple of times, but honestly I do not see the benefit in case of RealDash. There are couple of reasons:

  • There is no way provide meaningful content/dashboard on miniature window. It would just be the same as in other apps.
  • This takes some extra time to develop as RealDash is a native app and building bridges to Android specific Java interfaces is time consuming and sometimes error prone.

Any application can put on top of the rest, any picture, or text, or numbers … It has been proven many times that this is useful. No bridging to specific applications. , no thumbnails needed …
You need a couple of numbers in front of the eyes … Speed, turn signal, liters in the tank. Everything. It is possible in any line or bar or side menu … and this was asked not a couple of times, no matter how we ask for 3 years))