Android Apps not Launching

Hi Realdash Team!

I’ve built a Dash I use for my Android Tablet and OBD2 reader. I have it so it launches apps from the dash, including Phone and Messaging, but a lot of them will go to the Google Play Store instead of launching the Application. Example Spotify ( will open the Google Play Store instead of launching the actual application. Am I missing something in the package name that will make this work?

Ok, I will check if there is something wrong with this.

For me, launching Spotify with parameter: works as expected. Test device Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Android 8.1.0

Edit: Ok, this seems to be a problem with Android 11 onwards. Added security :confused:

It is possible to launch apps on Android 11 onwards, but it requires extra parameter which is the activity class name of the app being launched. Unfotunately there is no trivial way to find this class name from other apps.