Android - Connection Loop?

Hi All,

So basically this is more of a bug on my Android Head Unit (XTRONS PE9890BIPL) I believe, but I’m using a Carly OBD Adapter which is an adapter made specifically for reading faults and programming the car. On Realdash I get an endless “Connecting to Carly Adapter” which sometimes makes it to “searching for PIDS” and then drops again.

Having updated my MCU I finally managed to get a connection that lasted for the entire drive, only to find once I got back into the car it went back to its old ways of a connection loop. I did manage to connect again by unlairinf the adapter, rebooting the device and then opening Realdash and once it said “Carly adapter not paired” I’d go into settings and Bluetooth and then “pair and connect” and it seems to work again temporarily.

Is it possible to get some logs from realdash to understand what exactly causes this to happen or from my description does anybody already know what may be happening?