Android connectivity

Guys, I have a connectivity problem on my Android 13, I use can analyzer! I have three devices on which I was testing to place a 12.33-inch multimedia in place of the panel
On the other two test devices, a multimedia with 4 GB of RAM Android 12 and a Xiaomi Note 10 cell phone, the application works 100%
but just on the specific screen for the panel, small bugs occur during operation such as the RPM goes to the end of the rev counter in a crazy way, this occurs more or less every 40 seconds without me touching the accelerator!
and sometimes some lights blink, I have already monitored the CAN readings and this oscillation does not happen, only the panel reading that shows this oscillation is a bug!
It’s clear that the problem is on the new 12.33-inch Android 13 device. Has anyone experienced a similar problem and managed to resolve it or will I have to buy another device?

You could try to lower the baud rate of your CAN adapter. USB serial with Android is a difficult topic as there is no ‘native’ Android support for those devices and we all rely on open source libraries to provide USB connectivity.

I believe I will have to go for the Bluetooth connection, would it be possible to use the data from the cam connection with Arduino since I need to get some analog data? If so, is there any topic I could study to start this cam analysis plus Arduino project?

You can use the Bluetooth CAN adapter from MeatPi.