Android TV Box?

Has anyone used an Android TV Box to host Realdash? I have been working on a Raspberry Pi 4 and had a working set up, but my screen size seems to be causing huge issues. So i was wondering if anyone has used the Android TV Box for their dash? Looking at something like this.

Some years! beelink gt1 ultimate, with active cooling, before that Orange pi 3, before that, KM8pro… Khadas vim 2,…

hello CoTECH, can you give us a little more information about your experience of using a tv box? example: how long does it take to start the OS and load RealDash? What kind of screen are you using it with?

I really want to perfect my project, I use it with an android tablet and arduino which I control the turning off and on of the android tablet from arduino, that is, the system is immediate when opening the car door, but I want to do something more embedded. …excuse my translation I don’t speak English.


I’m using a Firefly AIO-R3399J right now and driving the screen directly from board without using HDMI. Boot up time is about 20 seconds into RealDash running android. I’m working on compiling the kernel for Ubuntu to do the same, just haven’t gotten it yet.

I can’t speak English fluently either, but my translator translated everything to me verbatim. So it looks like I got it right.
Start time 20 seconds, from the moment you press the key fob / button to open the car, until the animation in RD.
I think I will get rid of the TV BOX soon. Because it’s not a complete solution. But I have been using it successfully for a long time. So, bezrybe and cancer fish! You’d better talk to Falcon, he’s also on this forum. I think he has a more revolutionary solution. Which will soon alleviate suffering for all of us with current consumption and sleep patterns. I think that with navigation and cameras, there should also be order.

If I’m not mistaken, Falcon is using an android radio and changing the screen?

I started out using an Android TV box, was not very friendly to me so I went to a little mini win 10 computer from Amazon. Been working extremely well for a year now. I just hit sleep when I leave the car and then again when I get in it again, Realdash comes right up in about 20 seconds. Running 500kbs and 125kbs on 2 can analyzers with 2 different feeds into the 500kbs unit. AEMV2 and Ingenext Model 3 motor controller. The 125kbs is watching the dash canbus messages in my Musktang.

Yes, and I got one sample. Now everything is thoroughly tested!

I also started using an Android tv box- but I’m just not convinced that you can get serial Data into them? I don’t think mine even had bluetooth