Android with Notch

I recently purchased a phone to dedicate to my dashboard. Huawei Mate 20 X, using Android 9.

The problem I’m having is when I modify a dash and save it, then reload RealDash, it bumps everything over by 35px, and compresses each gauge by some amount. If I set the X to 0, and width to 300, it changes the x to 35, and width to 290. If I edit again, the x gets set to 69, and W to 281. This continues each time the dash is edited and the app reloaded.

I’m assuming it is because this phone has a notch in it, and android, in its infinite wisdom, decided to not allow notch settings for landscape mode, but instead forcing the notch to be filled in with black.

Xiaomi RedMi Note 7 (Android 9) - I have the same problem. Each time after saving dash editing changes its size.
The drop for the camera is also filled with black! Full-screen mode in RealDash did not work.

I have the same issue without having a notch in the screen. And as I edit on multiple devices (S9, Nexus 7 2013, PC with Nox emulator, PX5 10.1inch 2 DIN - I can’t tie it to a certain device. It’s true that one of them is Samsung S9 which has round display corners that might behave like the notch. but my screen is filled including the corners (and I can’t use something if it is in the corner, it doesn’t show - for instance the beta text is not fully visible).
But Size changin for the dahsboard when editing has been a problem that I tried investigating and couldn’t find enough consistente data, as it doesn’t happen every time I edit. I thought that it was related to inserting new image for a button, or gauge, something from outside the original dashboard.
Let’s hope that we can test and find the fix for this issue, as my dahsboards are now at max zoom already and becoming smaller after some edits.
BR to all!