Animate over a photo?

Is it possible to animate over a photo?

Might be a shortcut to reproducing some authentic looking dashes by using a photo and animating needles over it?

Scratch that, looks like it’s already possible.

So i can animate a needle over a photo of a rev counter, it works nicely.

However, even though the needle sweep position is correct at 0 rpm and at 8000 rpm in between it’s not perfectly aligned with the markings in the image.

Is there any way to introduce some corrections in this or is the only option to design the gauge from the ground up?

Try to master this method of creating customizable scales. The files are available via the link.

Rotation algorithm in needle gauge is linear, so if your image has markings on constant intervals there should be no problem.

One thing that can throw this seemingly off is the needle movement smoothing. Try to set that to 0 on Look’n Feel.

Linear was the key, in fact the rev counter i used is not linear from 0 to 1000 rpm, why on earth they would do that i don’t know, but i can put the start point below the 0 marking and it’s then accurate through the range.