Animation in dash?

Is there a way, for example, to have animation representing fan icon spinning (presume I have 3 images of same fan with blades position in three different spots) or window wiper running (presume I have several images of wipers in various locaitons)?

I did the animation using gif

Just tried it, yes it does work; good news. However, it is moving at about 10X the speed that the creator intended. Is there a way to adjust how quick the movement is?

Also, by the same token, how do I now stop the animation? Imagine I want a fan to be stationary when off and spin when enabled; Do I need two separate image gauges overlaid and toggle between those two or can I halt the animated GIF?

So far, this is not possible! I already asked the developer for this! I use 2 pictures but this does not guarantee 100% match.

I don’t know why the GIF is playing at a faster speed. But this is a fact. You can edit the image itself.
To turn off the animation, I would use two different images. This is easier than giving the object a spin. Moreover, the need for such objects tends to zero

sorry for my English

I agree with that