There is no ECU Specific input within Realdash for ANTemp2. I can see ANTemp3 and 4.
I checked on the Link Forum (response below), as this has been raised before…can you address this please?

For whatever reason realdash seemed to have left that out of the stream. I think they assume ECT and IAT will always be AN T1 & 2. I think you will have to move IAT to AN T2 so you can send oil temp on AN T3

I have to use AnTemp2 for the Oil Pressure due to the type of sensor (and pull up resistor) requirements.

Thanks, John

I have sent an question to Link about this issue as the datastream (short and long) specification on PCLink documentation and the one delivered to me by Link have differences. See this thread for reference:

Hope to hear back from Link soon to fix this.