Any cheap headunits?

Hey all, I’m using a G4X and seeedstudio adapter that I’ve gotten to connect successfully to an Android phone. Is anyone here running a cheap headunit to display gauges? Doesn’t seem like anything is really using normal Andriod these days, would be cool to know if anyone here had a solution. Bonus points if it has an actual volume knob :grin:

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Most Android headunit work perfectly well for doing this and it’s a good solution for where you want auxillary gauges rather than cluster replacement.

They can also work with steering wheel controls so physical volume knob is not a huge requirement IMHO.

I use a Mekede M6 Pro Plus unit.

We use multiple Joying Android Head Units with USB connections. Works very well.

Problems with these units are mainly with Bluetooth connectivity as many Android head units do not implement default Bluetooth stack, but instead have custom implementations for the hands free operation.