Anyone help me with setting up a mustang 2011, so far the obd2 is not working

hi, I been trying to get an obd2 to work and communicate using a dynavin 8 android car radio.
While the realdash and obd2 work on my Iphone, i cannot get the app to talk to the bluetooth obd2

i purchased two now trying and both are not working. it seems that one of them tell me the Bluetooth passcode is wrong. but there is no place to set a passcode on android car head units.

Should i just abandon this and try the 'CAN analyzer" instead?

any ideas what to try next?

bluetooth obd2 key 1234

Hi @brstephens, for what it’s worth I have an Android head unit; this has two Bluetooth channels, the primary channel is used for connecting my phone to avail hands free calls and Bluetooth audio, whereas the second BLE channel is available for OBD use. If you only have one Bluetooth channel I would suspect this would be servicing the primary function I mention. Perhaps you could try a USB Bluetooth dongle to add this capability?

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Exactly. Many Chinese Android head units have crippled Bluetooth that only works as hands-free phone connection. Unfortunately there is no way around this (other than making a custom firmware).