App keeps freezing Android Tablet

I have a Samsung Tab A7 Lite running Android 13.

Connects and runs fine for a bit, then the app freezes and the application is unresponsive, I force quit, open and connect, works for a few mins, then freezes again. It’s a constant cycle. Any help towards this would be great.

Fyi (It runs perfectly fine on my iPad 8th Gen and iPhone 13 Pro Max).

Hope you have allowed it to run in background. Check background settings and permissions.

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Amazing, it seems the app was being put to sleep. Now turned it off, will see if this is fixed on my next drive. Many Thanks

Hi, still crashes and freezes after 5 mins of use.

In the app settings;
• Battery use is set to ‘Unrestricted’

In the Battery and Device care settings;

  • Power Saving
    • Everything is off

  • Background Usage Limits;
    • ‘Put unused apps to sleep’ turned off

Don’t know what to do. I have enough Storage and Memory at 1.9GB/3GB free.