App Started

targetId = “86” Only accepts 0 or 1, no matter what value I pass to it.
I noticed only if this is an even value 0; 2; 4; 6; 8 … = 0
If I pass the value 1; 3; 5; 7 … = 1.
The value “2” cannot be written to targetId = “86”.
Maybe targetId = “86” Doesn’t accept bit values? Need to pass only a decimal number?
The string in xml is populated as follows:

 <value targetId = "86" startbit = "0" bicount = "3" offset = "0" lenght = "1"
 [/ code]

Just tried to pass the decimal value, it did not help. targetId = “86” Accepts only 1 or 0, respectively, the application from the background is not restored

I will take a look

Good afternoon. I noticed yesterday’s update on PlayMarket, I hoped it was fixed, but apparently not. Tell me, did you deal with this sending problem in id = 86? I’d like to try already)))))

The ‘stealth’ update to Beta1 fixed some issues on navigation icons. I’m working on App restore feature. Should come soon.

Just uploaded 1.7.0-BETA2 to Play Store, now restore should work as expected. Please note, that ‘App Started’ value is never actually changed to 2. As soon as RealDash receives the value 2, it restores itself (if needed), and sets the value immediately back to 1.

OK I will check. Thanks!

everything works exceptionally correctly! Yes! I connected through the variables all the triggers associated with the ignition switch, light and even door limit switches. Now RealDash returns on any event, and this does not interfere when the application is launched. so from the application side everything is clear. thanks. it is very comfortable! :smiley:

Thanks for testing this :thumbs:

As always, please! And thank you!