Apple Carplay / Android Auto


I couldn’t find any post in regards of Apple Carplay so I thought I’ll suggest it.

I do like to use the original radio screen in the vehicle and would like to use it to show Realdash appliaction. I have thought that one way it can be done is use Apple Carplay/Andriod Auto and open the realdash application from there therefore you’ll be able to see the gauges etc that you like to see. Is that possible?


We did some tests couple of years ago. The problem in both, Android Auto and Apple Carplay is that their programming APIs are specialized for very specific type of apps, like calendar, contacts, music players and navigation. RealDash is developed with game engine, and either Android Auto or Apple Carplay allow such ‘full time’ real time graphics apps to run.

Something to suggest with this that might be possible. I us an android radio that has a CarPlay/android auto app and interface. I’m not 100% sure if those apps are outputting the current playing information, but if they do or work with that app developer to output that information for a local RealDash install on the radio to run in the background and multicast that data to the dashboard. Perhaps map location and navigation data (not necessarily the map images) could also be extracted from the app if they have an API and multicast for use.

I use RealDash on CarPlay with a jailbreak iPhone and CarBridge tweak and all works perfectly!!! I have a Hyundai i30 fastback with 10,25” display and RealDash looks gorgeous! I wish I could use RealDash without jailbreak my iPhone… Can you see further on this subject?!

I also like the idea of having RD integrated nicely in the car, but also checked Apple’s CarPlay rules, which are very strict and limited.
May be RD could advertise as “EV charging app” for Carplay approval, but still the allowed UX is very, very limited.
But having some text driven data shown and logging in the background would still be sexy and a nice addon.

I had made a simple short video just to show how RealDash look on my 10,25 infotainment display! If you have any questions just ask!

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