Applying alpha blending

Good time. My question is this:
“Could a large number of included alpha blends for images affect a decrease in graphics performance?”

For sure it does. Especially some lesser used mobile GPU:s are very slow on drawing lot of blended pixels. The Raspberry Pi Videocore GPU is a good (bad) example of this. While it is capable of drawing a lot of solid triangles in single draw calls, it will slow down considerably even when blending only 2x full-hd worth of pixels.

Another point that I noticed.
If the application is not open in full screen, but in multitasking mode, then the application works smoothly and smoothly, but if as usual, open in full screen, then slowdowns immediately appear.
I also conducted a comparison test. Bavarian panels and my own. Visually, Bavarian is drawn smoother. I will try to remove all possible transparent images.
Soon I will take off the video

The video is divided into three parts.
In the first part - the screen is in multitasking mode and on par with the Bavarian the CPU test works.
As we see the result, the Bavarian is very smooth.
The second part is instead of Bavarian, my skin. Everything is smooth.
The third part of the video is my skin in full screen (you see for yourself) frame skips. At the same time, the CPU is at maximum.
RAM - the reason is not in it 70% is loaded.
I tried to load RAM up to 96% - glitches do not look like in the video.
It turns out a slow GPU … ???
Interestingly, and if you put the resolution of the system 480?
But I see that REALDash is still 1080 on the android.

Yea, it looks like GPU is struggling when rendering full screen (2x more pixels). What CPU/GPU you have on that device?

mali-T820 if necessary, I can clarify more detailed information.
can we fix anything?
I observe this effect only with RealDash and only with this processor and only on my skins.
Now I struggle in all possible ways, but so far the elimination of alpha channels does not help much … (((

By the way, the t820 is not uncommon.
here is a list of what i have with this .gpu .:
X92 TV BOX 3/32 EMMC - T820 MP3
KM8 PRO 2/8 NAND - T820 MP3
Khadas ViM2 2/16 EMMC - T820 MP3
ORANGE PI3 2/8 EMMC - T720 (but the meaning is the same)
In general, the budget segment is all filled with these chips. The difference is only in the t820 multi-core.
as I understand it, rendering should not exceed 16ms per frame, for that would correspond to 60 frames per second.
Here is another observation.
installed graphics processor ADRENO 512
2340x1080 - there are no brakes. everything is smooth

Amlogic S912 processor 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53 frequency up to 2 GHz
GPU ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU up to 750 MHz
32GB EMMC Internal Memory

Seems powerful enough, but GPU performance is very dependent on the drivers. Maybe your setup is CPU bound? Try to remove all connections if that makes any difference.

What compounds do you mean?

No. I’m all weaving on my skin. since many devices test the same result ((((
eh. beauty will have to redo …

“CPU bound” → CPU usage is slowing the app down, not GPU.

Jani. I have a little shock. I just deleted absolutely all images absolutely all actions and absolutely all sensors. saved the skin like that. its size remained 8.5 megabytes.
I think that maybe this is the problem of braking the graphics processor, maybe it is processing something that should not?
I will send it to the post office.

Ok, I will check it

The file contains:

188 actions
43 triggers

11 assets:

  • New_Boss_on_the_Block_preview.mp4
  • muzika_i_zvuki_na_sms_-_kaplja.mp3
  • calibri.ttf
  • arial.ttf
  • DroidSans.ttf
  • CarroisGothicSC-Regular.ttf
  • DancingScript-Regular.ttf
  • NanumGothic.ttf
  • RobotoCondensed-Light.ttf
  • sylfaen.ttf

like this? where is mp4 coming from? :open_mouth:
Well let’s say mp3, I tried to put it on the sound of the turn signal.
why didn’t he delete all these files, leaving them inside?
could this be a problem?
as I understand it mp4 has a weight of more than 5Mb. based on the fact that the font and sound are negligible …

You have added them to the dashboard at some point. Video file is not a problem as its not loaded into the memory.