Arduino canbus help

Hi i have connected my audi tt mk2 canbus to arduino uno with mcp2515 shield but in the can monitor i only see: time out.
I need to use only mcp2515 library or i need to load realdash can protocol in the arduino, how i can make comunication with the skretch’s?
I use realdash for android
Somebody know why?

Only thing that comes to mind is to make sure that you use correct baud rate on USB connection.

It will have to make the mcp2515 library interact with ReadashCAN, but it is a difficult path. The easiest is to use SUPPORTED CAN / LIN ADAPTERS directly in Realdash. RealDash | Manuals | Supported CAN/LIN Adapters

I don’t see anything complicated! I have just such a bunch! The library works great! even on “NANO”

Only with the mcp2515 library?

I did not understand the question?

Can I ask you to give me a sketch?