Arduino Conection problems


Im new working with Arduino, i made some proyects for my motorbike, and i try to conecct the realddash to Arduino mega to make a new dashboard.

i conect by USB, my Arduino with the smartphone, i put the example code and the xml. file, i try to work in the code to asing the diferent outputs to diferent sensors, but the problems is that all the imputs of the arduino work in the same channel of the reald dash.
if i put a sensor in A0, A1,A2, all work in all the Arduino Example in realdash.
i need a one arduino imput, in only one realdash ouput.

how can resolve this?

thanks for your help!!

regards From Argentina!


I’m not sure what you mean. Could you rephrase the problem?

Ports that you do not use, put a reference to GND.