Arduino r4 minima

Hello, I have an arduino r4 with the code from the github. The problem is there is nothing showing on the can monitor in the app and eventually it wil time out. It worked with the uno r3.

Connected on Android/Windows/Linux?

Android and windows both same prolblem

what exactly are you using more than arduino minima? i have code working for r4 wifi so let me know if you need help

Seeed studio canbus shield V2, I will try tomorrow without it but I don’t think that’s the problem.

Don’t know if this is a case, but remember that Arduino USB connection starts with firmware update mode. If you try to read/write immediately after connect it will not work.

This can be fixed by either adding delay to the connect (Connection Settings->Baud Rate->Advanced), or setting the proper DTR/RTS settings (which I can’t remember).

It works! I needed to set the DTR to set. Thanks for the fast replies.