Arduino R4 support


I have an arduino r4 with the code from the github. The problem is there is nothing showing on the can monitor and eventually it wil time out. It worked with the uno r3. Is this new arduino not supported?

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what do you need help with i got my r4 today :slight_smile:

what can are you using mcp2515 or what?

I am going to use the arduino can bus shield. I got it working with the r3. The problem i am having is with the github example files. I installed used that but realdash doesnt see can data from the arduino r4.

My own program works. strange that the example code does not work.

Have you installed r4 in boards manager

i got the same error, same code running on uno r3 and working perfect, installed same code on my Arduino R4 wifi and dont work. Nothing showing and realdash not even able to connect to the r4 via serial