Arduino + SBC + RealDash Help needed

One of the issues (major issue) that i am facing on my VIM3L + Arduino x2 + RealDash setup is usb connection.
Not sure if others are facing such issue on other SBC brands but here is the issue that causes my whole dash to stop communicating to RD.

In my setup i am using two arduinos and they are running at different baudrates with two different xml files but everytime i restart the SBC or unplug the usbs it goes out of sync and RD wont be able to connect again and keeps resetting the connection for eternity.

main issue is arduino is not being recognized in either android or RD as arduino and its called “dev/bus/usb/00X”, on first connection X is 3 and is assigned to the first arduino that gets the connection so i usually end up having 003 and 005 on first connection so in garage i set them up, do a ignition off, sleep, reboot or unplug and plug usb back in and the name changes to 006 & 008 this happens sometimes until it reaches 065 & 067 (it may go more).

sometimes RD picks them up in the right sequence and everything is happy (although names were changed automatically from 003 to 065) but if RD takes them in wrong sequence 1 wont work and will keep on reseting itself.

Can there be a way to fix/hack it through RD app ? or atleast say the first connection is always arduino 1 and second connection is always arduino 2?

There is no easy solution for this as USB-serial port names are assigned by kernel at boot time and they are not guaranteed to remain the same if there are multiple, exact same devices connected. Also, RealDash cannot use the USB device name as they would be the same also. To make matters worse, typically these devices even have the same serial number.

it has been a 1 step forward two steps back project for me :laughing: but on the way im learning new things, now kernel jumps in and sounds like a total wall as i have zero amount of knowledge xD
with your experience and knowledge is this something that can be adjusted with root browser stuff via android os or a full compiling stuff is needed ?