Astra Dashboard

Hi to eveyone,
I have a astra and i«m trying to build a digital dashboard .

I have some questions regarding how i should built it: to use the can protocol, i will have to set a permanent connection to the usb CAN Analyzer right? The live speed data is provided by this can analyzer?

Anyone already maped the xml for this car model?

Any help is welcome, thank you

I think easiest way to start is to use normal OBD2 adapter to get you started. You get ‘most’ of the interesting data that way even when data update rate is much slower than CAN. Once you have developed your dash and everything works good with OBD2, you could start working with CAN as a continuation project.

The thing is that then i would have to redo all the mapping for the can protocol so i prefer to start learning it so i can start understand how it works

Sure, its also quite interesting to work on your vehicle CAN to see all sorts of data flying around. Good luck with your project. We’d be more that happy if you can share your XML file later on for other users.

Yeas, i really like to learn more on who this works, and build the dash eheh. The can scanner is connected to what pins of the obd port?

6 and 14. See image here:

Thanks for the help Jani , this can analyzer will have to be always connected to the odb port right? Another question that I have is how do I get the live speed? Is also by can protocol or realdash automatic detects it?

Speed is for sure in CAN data. There is no automatic detection, you need to write a XML file that describes to RealDash the CAN frames and what data they contain. See documentation here:

Thanks Jani , and the analyzer will have to be allways connected to the device right?

No sure what you mean, but always when you are reading the data for sure.

Sorry for not explain myself well. Ok what I mean is after I make the mapping of the values with the xml I will still have to have the can analyzer always on in order to the dash works

Once the XML is imported to RealDash, it does remember the custom inputs defined in XML, so in that sense, no.