Atoto S8 android head unit

I was wondering if the Atoto S8 did support RealDash ?
It’d be really cool to have the dash into the headunit.
It’s android based but I don’t know if it’s supported, so before I blow 350$ I figured out I’d ask :slight_smile:
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Don’t know as its impossible for us to test all Android devices and head units. If device supports Google Play store, there is a good chance that RealDash works. But we have seen problems on Android head units, like not supporting USB-OTG, poor quality Bluetooth, super low resolution screens etc.

It’s got dual bluetooth, a pretty high res screen apparently. 4gb ram ensures something fast enough.
Play store seems available, but i don’t know if it’s app restricted.
I still got my gauge cluster working so that’d be to display sensors infos just in case I need to check them.
ECT, IAT, AFR, Target AFR, maybe timings, ethanol content % and EGT once I got one

Hopefully the plan works out hehe !
Thank you for putting up such an app. Saves like 1000€ for a racing dashboard

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I’m looking for the same functions as you do. Do you have news about your project?