audible & visual knock warning

Can Realdash play a sound file when knock occurs or a visual warning that covers whole screen?

It is hard to watch screen on track.
So it would be nice to play audible warnings.

Sure, create a trigger that will fire when your knock level goes to warning or critical level and attach an action for sound playback or full screen alert.

You can access the triggers and actions when editing dashboard from bottom menu. Another option is to create global trigger and action from ‘Settings->Application->2nd page’

Great! I though triggers are somehow related with i/o devices only.

Hello, I take advantage of this topic because it also interests me.

It’s hard for me to explain what happened because I don’t know English … I’ll try …

I could not make the condition work for the alert to sound, I want to put it on the fuel bar, I already configured that when it reaches 30 liters the yellow emergency light turns on and that works, and I want to accompany it with an alert sound, and I can’t set the condition for that to happen. what should i place?

Try this:

  • Create new trigger, name it ‘Fuel Alarm’
  • For Trigger Condition, set
    – Source Input: Body Electronics: Fuel Level
    – Condition: is less than
    – Compare Value: 20
  • For Reset Condition, set:
    – Source Input: Body Electronics: Fuel Level
    – Condition: is greater than
    – Compare Value: 20

Now you have a trigger that will fire once when fuel level goes below 20%. Alternatively you can omit the reset condition and use Trigger cooldown value to trigger multiple times when fuel level is below desired value.

Then link the trigger to an action that plays a sound effect. Note that if the trigger and action are on dashboard, the sound file is embedded to the dashboard file. But if you are using Global triggers and actions from ‘Settings->Application->2nd page’, the action playing the sound effect must point to a sound file on your device file system.

It worked perfect!
Amazing everything that Realdash has!
I am very glad I found it.

How 1 time per second play short beep, until open door.
I can play at once, I can play always (too fast), but I can’t make 1 sec pause btw beeps.
Help me set 1 sec timer… I don’t understand how it should work.

Record a long audio track with a repeating signal after 1 second and interrupt playback when necessary.
This will make RealDash’s life a bit easier, as it won’t load an extra timer.

My sound is 0.6 sec, but when the trigger is set to reset “immediately”, then realdesh starts playing this sound immediately, without waiting for the completion of the previous one.
I don’t understand how to play the sound again only after the previous loop is finished?

Found parameter DELAY in trigger … )))
All work…

no way, just shorten the sound less than the interval than the trigger