Audio Volume - New Boss

Hi Jani,

I want to map the audio volume (in New boss) to my steering wheel , i already link it but now every time i push the wheel the audio volume value goes to the max. and once i release it the audio bar return back to zero value.

I tried a lot of actions but no success. your help is appreciated

Audio Volume input uses scale 0-100%. Use ‘Change Value’ action to change volume.

Action to increase volume:

  • Select Input: Device Inputs: Audio Volume
  • Min: 0, Max: 100, Step: 5

Action to decrease volume:

  • Select Input: Device Inputs: Audio Volume
  • Min: 0, Max: 100, Step: -5

Thanks a lot. it works

Have a good day

It works fine in windows but didn’t work in same way in my android phone.

So after many trials i changed the step value from 5 to 10 to increase the volume and kept the decrease step value without change. Now it works fine.

Isn’t this working on Windows 11 or am i missing something?

Yep, seems to be broken on Windows. Probably due the BackgroundMediaPlayer being deprecated on recent update of Windows.

Currently there is no replacement to that component in UWP apps. They are not allowed to adjust the system volume. Let me see if I can figure something out.

Only way I can fix this now is that in Windows the ‘Device Volume’ is actually app volume and does not affect any other apps. This fix will be in next release.

Thanks. Can you add a volume button as well?
or may be the slider buttons can be used as volume button?

I need a volume button because I would like to use it as potantiometer for my differentional locking.(DCCD) Currently I’m working on DCCD display for Subaru. I already receive dccd canbus data from Syvecs. It will be so cool to lock dccd from a Realdash volume button. Not sure if Syvecs would receive it but I’ll look into that as well.

You can control Device Volume input with Button, Slider, Actions.