Authentication failed when trying to log in from Mac OSX

Good morning!

Trying to open RealDash for the first time on my M1 MBP (not planning on running it here, just wanted to play with it a bit) and I get the following error.


I used the same user/pass combo and logged into the site with it and a second computer just to ensure the combo was correct. I downloaded the OSX image from the my.realdash site. Hostname on my laptop has no special characters in it. I don’t see anything interesting in the logs on my side or on the firewall at my network edge.

I’ll try it again in a bit from the OrangePi (debian) I plan on running this on but was just hoping for maybe an assist.


Chris (Psychoholic)

Update: Still doesn’t work on the mac, works on my OrangePi running Raspian.

No need for anything I guess just more informational.

If you use copy-paste, maybe try to enter your credentials manually. Sometimes copy-paste includes invisible characters, like spaces or line feeds.