Auto start RealDash

Hi all, is there a way to auto start RealDash on every startup of the car, in an Android radio?

I find the “Startup sweep” options in the setting, I don’t know if that what it’s intended to do, but if yes, it doesn’t work.

Also, I’ve tried some “startup managers” from App Store, but no one of them seems to work! :frowning:

On the cell phone you can use the START / SHUTDOWN ON CHARGING EVENTS option.
On my Khadas Vim3 card, I’m using the Macrodroid application when the screen is turned on, to start Realdash, and put it on standby when Realdash is closed.

I’m talking about a radio in car, so I don’t know if “charging events” will work, but I don’t understand where that option should be…in RealDash??

I can give a try if that Macrodroid will work, in the meantime, thanks!

Hi Cel_Turbo,

Can you share your macro with me?